God, It’s Me: 1st edition [Teens]

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God, It’s Me: 181 Days For Young Adults To Become Passionate About Prayer And Bible Study by Patti Londa Greene:

Great for those interested in learning more about the Bible and the social issues we encounter today.

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A MUST HAVE IF YOU ARE SERIOUS ABOUT YOUR SPIRITUAL GROWTH in Christ Jesus!! After first look and review of this devotional/prayer journal, I found the title to describe EXACTLY what and where I desire the Lord to be in my walk, my marriage, and life as a parent, sister, daughter and friend. Each lesson reminded me of what God’s position should be in our lives. What is more is that, being unbelievably practical in format, it allows one to complete a simple but thorough examination of the text in a bite-sized manner. Each daily topic was absolutely amazing and thought provoking. There was an assortment of ways the Holy Spirit could speak! Each lesson will allow one to be completely transparent in the presence of the Lord-coming to terms with sinful tendencies and realizing that He loves us enough to provide correction through His Word and prayer. This book can be completed independently or with a small group, making it compatible for and transcending every educational level and/or barrier one can conceive. You will not be disappointed! This book is written specifically for young adults. The updated version “Anchor Me” is similar except for references to young adults have been replaced – making “Anchor Me” suitable for all ages.
Amazon Reviewer, TF
Many people face volatile issues and have no idea how to handle them in a Post-Christian culture. These issues are addressed proves God cares. Greene has written an undated devotional prayer journal which is compassionate, and perfect for charting one’s personal Christian pilgrimage through the daily studying of scripture, prayer, and repentance.
Pippa L. Fields, MS, Katy, Texas
God, It’s Me gives a refreshing, non-intimidating, customizable avenue to experience God and cultivate faith. It offers people the invaluable gift of guidance through Scripture reading, prayer, and thought-provoking questions. Its profound simplicity gives people the freedom to adapt Biblical values into their own lives daily.
Chris Horgan, Pastoral Intern and Young Adults Pastor, Houston, Texas


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